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Every great brand has a story to tell.

Whether you’re a tiny start-up taking your first steps, or an established business with some skin in the game already, your goals are the same: to generate leads, convert sales, and boost your bottom line.

With so many digital channels to choose from, it can be tricky to know exactly where to begin. But review any Search Engine Optimization guide in the world and you’ll find one common theme: the power of content.

It’s still king, and it’s still your ticket to digital success.

Here at Content Gravy, we’ve built our name on content marketing – and it’s an ethos we live with every single day. Our menu of content creation services is designed to deliver consistent content of all shapes and sizes, which your business can use to engage your audience (or reach new ones), fuel a marketing funnel, or supercharge your SEO rankings.

Your content strategy outlines what content you’ll create, who will create it, how often it will be created, and how it will be promoted after publication. If copywriting and content marketing are about what to create, content strategy is about how to use content to meet your business goals.

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Our Philosophy


Ethos (show off your lovely morals)

Aristotle pretty much said that having good morals and an above-board character wasn’t enough; you had to establish this to your audience. In other words, it doesn’t matter how wonderful and ethical a person you are if you don’t communicate that.


Logos (give them proof, not piffle!)

Aristotle was pretty hot on the use of Logos. (Not the brightly-colored corporate image kind, but the Greek word for “word” or “reason,” and connected to our own word logic.)

To put it simply, logos means if you want to make a point, you’d better back it up with proof.


Pathos (get them feeling something)

Pathos is the part the Sophists were very good at because it means whipping up emotions.

Aristotle was all for moving people emotionally to aid persuasion, as long as it was based on sound Ethos, and backed up by staunch Logos.

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Your Content is Your Voice

At Content Gravy, we know that growing a business is tough. We also know that there are no shortcuts. That’s why we designed our content creation services to scale your business as it grows. So, no matter where you are in your journey, Content Gravy is here to help.


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