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Checklist of Traffic Building Tasks - The Jim Edwards Method

Checklist of Traffic Building Tasks via The Jim Edwards Method

April 15, 2021


What you need to understand about getting traffic is that there are only three ways to do it.

1. Buy Traffic

Buying traffic is buying ads. It’s all about paying money in exchange for people coming to your site.

2. Borrow Traffic

Borrowing traffic happens when somebody sends you the traffic, and you’ll pay for it later. This is usually an affiliate program. When people redirect traffic to your business, and then when a sale is completed, you pay them.

3. Build Traffic

Building traffic is about the traffic you can control. It can be about building your email list, Facebook following, or anything similar.

Which Should You Use?

Most businesses can benefit from using all three, but not necessarily for everything.

For example, a medical practice may struggle to use an affiliate program for getting people into their office. But they might be able to use an affiliate program to sell supplements to their patients and others. That will indirectly bring people into their practice.

Where Should You Start?

If you want to build traffic for your business, you should start by thinking about your customers.

Ask yourself:

This information helps you put your message in front of them.

For example, a local business, using press releases can generate website traffic.

But no matter what situation you’re in, you should start by thinking about your customer.

The main thing you need to understand is that there is no magical checklist. You’ll have to do the hard work and look at all the different options available. Testing and seeing which ones work best for your business is the only approach.

Here is a great place to start: 

By the way, we talk about stuff like this all the time in my Sales Copywriting And Content Marketing Hacks Facebook Group. It’s free and we’ve got some great people in there (besides just me!).

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