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5 Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Copywriter

You’re on the hunt for an awesome SEO copywriter.  A writer who can capture your brand’s voice like a pro, optimize your content to please the Google gods, and wow potential customers. With so many writers online, this should be an easy search, right? Unfortunately,...

Copywriting for Coaches: 7 Clever Tips for Writing Client-Magnet Copy (and How to Outsource It If You Hate Writing)

If you’ve ever read another coach’s sales page with awe, unable to peel your eyes away… you’ve experienced the magic of copywriting. Any words used to sell can be considered copywriting, so unless you’ve never tried to sell your coaching program, you’ve probably...

5 Reasons Good Copywriting is Crucial For Your Business?

If you are still debating whether you should hire an experienced, professional copywriter, here are 5 reasons why good copywriting is critical for the growth of your business:

What’s the Difference Between Content Marketing and Copywriting?

From a traditional marketing standpoint, there’s a simple answer to the question, “What’s the difference between content marketing and copywriting?” Content marketing means creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and convert prospects into customers —...
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