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Earn Money Through Bitcoin New Referrals with Free Cloud.Boost X2 and CryptoTab

Earn Money Through Bitcoin New Referrals with Free Cloud.Boost X2 and CryptoTab

March 17, 2021

If you’re looking to earn money through bitcoin and by getting referrals, then CryptoTab and Free Cloud.Boost X2 is an excellent option. You can go straight to bitcoin mining right through web browsers, and you can even earn more by referring others as well. It’s an effective way to earn money completely online and without ever having to leave your home during these tumultuous times. Here’s some more information about how all of this works.

What is CryptoTab Browser and How Does It Help Me?

CryptoTab is a well-reviewed browser option that’s completely free and highly lightweight so that it won’t use up too many of your computer’s resources.

Advantages of CryptoTab


CryptoTab can be completely personalized according to your needs. There are actually thousands of extensions available so that you can install only the ones that work the best for you and leave the others out. Once you get the ones you want, your experience should be fast and easy, all while mining the way that you want to according to your specific set up.

Earn During an Upswing

This is an excellent time to be earning bitcoins given the rise of cryptocurrency prices in general. If you earn during an upswing, that means that what you earn will go up in value almost right away. This means that the amount you earn initially isn’t the end of the deal.

Every day that goes by during an upswing will make everything you’ve earned become retroactively even more valuable.

Open Source-based and Smooth Operation

The original basis for the browser is Chromium, which was made by Google for their smaller Chromebook machines. The difference is that it has all the regular functionality of a browser while you can passively earn bitcoins at the same time.

Passive Income

This will give you a passive income, so, in other words, you can earn money in the form of bitcoins all without even having to do anything else at all. You just do what you always do on your regular browser, and the money will just flow in naturally without doing any other work at all.

Passive income can build up much more than you think all while you’re not looking.

Unique Features and Referrals

There are no browsers quite like this one. It has its own algorithm for mining that’s built right into the program. All you have to do is browser around the Internet like you would normally, and you’ll earn Bitcoins that will go right into your account. Plus, just by being signed up, you can be part of the referral program that lets you invite friends and promote the browser right through your social media accounts to make even more money.

Earning Money Through Referrals

In addition to just making money simply by having the browser open, you can also earn money by referring the program to other people through referral marketing. It’s simple in that all you have to do is get anyone you can to sign up. There are options within the program that make it so that you can send links to anyone you want through many different social media options. If your friend clicks on the link and installs the program, signing up for passive bitcoin mining, then you can earn money just on that beyond what you earn from the mining itself.

How Much Can I Earn?

There’s a table in the FAQ section on the site that shows you how your referral earnings will work. This is based on levels. So, if you send your link to a few of your friends, each of them counts as the “first-level” and we’ll give you back 15% of their earnings just through passive mining. Then, if they refer people, the people that they then refer will count as the “second level,” and you’ll get 10% from all of them, and so on down the levels all the way to ten levels down.

This means that the more your friends also refer to the program, the more you’ll earn from all of the different people that they refer as well. It can be quite a few people eventually.

Tricks for Earning

You can even buy visitors if you want and use ad campaigns to get it going like from Yahoo, Adcash, Adsterra, or just about any other approach that you want. It’s worth reading the browser’s terms of use before you do so, however. Any method you want to use to get people into your referral program is fine as long as it’s allowed within these rules.

Plus, you can sign up to be an affiliate if you like, and there are also promotional materials you can use to help get people onto your network. There are options there to create landing pages and banners as well.

Getting Started

In order to get started, you just have to visit the browser website and click to download the installation file. After that, you should make it your default browser to make sure you use it every time if that’s what you want.

Default Browser

Click on the Start menu, then go to Settings, and then open your default apps. From there, you can choose the Web browser option and select the one that you want. The browser works for many different operating systems including Mac OS, Windows, iOS devices, and Android.

So, you have your pick for what you want here.

CryptoTab Multi Device

Click here to mine Bitcoin instantly, just by surfing the web! you’ll be surprised how quickly the bitcoins pile up and earn you money just when you’re doing whatever you want online. In other words, nothing will really change, except for the part where you make a big pile of money doing nothing new at all!

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