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How To Build An Instagram Bot

May 21, 2021


Editorial Team


Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms around today. It has taken advantage of this immense popularity by boosting its selling features through Facebook Shops and continually adding additional exciting capabilities to keep users hooked.

Given that users spend an average of 53 minutes on Instagram every day, it’s no surprise that marketers want to leverage this channel to increase their sales. But providing optimal customer service poses an issue. Manually replying to hundreds—or thousands!—of direct messages (DMs) isn’t feasible for most businesses.

This isn’t a concern for brands selling on Facebook because Facebook Messenger makes it easy to automate and scale marketing using Messenger Marketing.

So, what’s a business to do when they want to embrace Messenger Marketing on Instagram? Sign up for ManyChat! Facebook now allows select platforms like ManyChat to offer Messenger Marketing features on Instagram. We’re working hard on the release, so we’ll have more news to share soon.

In the meantime, it’s still possible to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook Messenger bot to leverage chat automation.

How to take advantage of an Instagram chatbot 

Like Messenger Marketing, Instagram bots will support business-to-customer conversations by leveraging automation. The goal is to answer customer questions, grow your follower count, and generate sales through Instagram’s DM feature—all on autopilot. Here’s how you can fully take advantage of Instagram’s chatbot capabilities once the feature is live: 

Send marketing campaigns via DM

When combined with other marketing tools, Instagram becomes an ideal platform for digital marketing. Throw Instagram chatbots in the mix, and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe to increase your business’s brand awareness and boost conversions.

You can implement default welcome DMs through direct message automation to make an excellent first impression or create specific messages to share deals and discounts with customers. You could even “train” your Instagram chatbot to provide customer support by having it follow a predetermined conversation sequence.

Use bots to respond to repetitive customer questions

Automated direct messages (auto DMs) are ideal for responding to potential customers if you have a growing business. Depending on volume, it could be virtually impossible to manually answer every single query. Providing a script for your chatbot to utilize for customer questions will save you from having to personally answer the same question 50 times. 

Furthermore, offering a thoughtful welcome response means that you’ll leave a good impression, no matter what time a customer messages you. You can even throw in an emoji or two for a bright, engaging welcome message.

Leverage click-to-Messenger ads to start conversations

Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger Inbox ads send users into a Messenger conversation with your business after the recipient clicks to open the communication. You can use Facebook’s growth tools to find potential customers, then transform Instagram DMs into mass DMs to these new customers by leveraging Instagram’s chatbot integration.

How to connect your Messenger chatbot to Instagram

Since Instagram bots aren’t available just yet, you can use Facebook Messenger as a workaround. Once you’ve created your Facebook Messenger chatbot, you can connect it to Instagram by adding a Ref URL to your Instagram bio.

Here’s how to create your Ref URL in ManyChat:

  • Go to Growth Tools; choose New Growth Tool:
  • Select the Ref URL:
  • Edit the message for the Ref URL:
  • Below is the message the user will see when he or she clicks on the URL in the Instagram bio:

Paste the updated link into your Instagram bio


There’s a lot of hype surrounding chatbots on Instagram—we can’t blame you for being excited! (We are too.) Make sure you sign up for ManyChat so we can notify you once the Instagram chatbot is officially live. This new integration will help you grow your Instagram account, acquire new followers, improve engagement, and generate additional sales.

In the meantime, get started with ManyChat’s Messenger Marketing features for free by clicking the button below.

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