Project Duration:

4 weeks


He goes to masterminds, he reads voraciously, he binges business podcasts, and quotes obscure management philosophies. The agency founder and CEO has not one, but two agency coaches.

And when he decided to niche-down his agency,, to serve personal-injury lawyers, he had not one, but many problems to deal with.

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The Problem

My problems are different. I work with legal, I've gotta worry about advertising ethics and bar regulations and having legally sound content, not just content that's well written.

Our Solution

Before finding Content Gravy, Rankings' outsourced content vendor was bending and breaking down under the strain: some content was excellent, some were terrible, some came dangerously close to plagiarism. The Rankings team ended up having to throw out content they’d paid for and rewrite pieces themselves at the 11th hour. Chris was desperate for a better solution, and googled, ‘building a content team’. He found us, and we built his agency a custom solution.
“I don't have that extra stress. Content Gravy have just made our lives a lot easier.”
Chris Dreyer

Founder & CEO

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