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SEMRush Review 2020 🔥  Is this SEO Keyword Research Tool Really Worth the Cost?

SEMRush Review 2020 🔥 Is this SEO Keyword Research Tool Really Worth the Cost?

April 19, 2021


Hey guys. So I’m going to start by saying something super obvious here. If you have a website or a blog, or a channel, whatever it is, what’s the one thing we all want? more visitors? Right? I did warn you would be obvious. So whatever your business is, if you have an online presence, you can’t do anything without traffic. And this is probably the thing I get asked the most not just from social media and people reaching out by email, but other business owners in real life who want to try and have some success online. How do I get more visitors or more views?

That’s why I wanted to take some time to share a tool I love called sem rush. You can see a link to it in the description and you can even pause the video sign up for a free trial and then open it up so you can follow along with what I’ll be showing you as we go through it.

Now, if you haven’t heard of sem rush, this is a tool that is like a one-stop-shop for getting more traffic. It’s got a ton of different SEO tools. And it can help you analyze your own website and all your competitors. So you can see how to climb up the rankings. But it can also be used to help you work out what kind of content people are looking for, what they’re searching for, and how you can get in front of them.

Because that’s the whole aim, right?

If people don’t see you, you can’t show them that you have value or a good offer for them, or great content or whatever it is. So I’m going to give you a walkthrough here today of some of the things that sem rush can do, and how it helps with traffic by showing you how to improve your SEO.

But price-wise, it does cost more. And I think that’s probably the only thing that makes people debate whether or not to get it. So we really want to see today if it’s worth the cost of just under $100 per month. Now, I started using sem rush around eight years ago when I was trying to find a better way to do keyword research. And that’s probably still the main reason why I opened it up to this day.

Okay, so let’s open it up, and I’ll show you what it can do. The first thing we’re going to quickly look at is auditing a website. This is a simple way to improve your SEO rankings by just fixing any obvious problems or making tweaks to the pages that you already have. Now you can do this for any website, but you’re probably going to start by looking at your own. So you can go here and set up a project.SEMrush

This means you don’t have to keep repeating this step every time you want to check your site. And so you can keep track of what changes over time. Because sem rush is just going to show you what you need to do to improve, you’ll have to go make those changes yourself, whether that’s creating content or fixing errors, or creating backlinks. And once you do that, you’ll see that sem rush did help and ultimately that you’re getting more traffic. So having your domain as a project lets you do that, you’ll probably want projects for your main competitors, too.

So you can just keep an eye on what they’re doing. Like if they have pages that are getting a lot of traffic or new stuff they’re publishing and so on. I’ll just be using this site right now as an example.

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